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The smarter way to Run Classes Digitally

A Platform from which you can run Live Classes, Share Assignments & Video Lectures

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Real time report

Keep your school presence active 24/7 by automatically managing the daily activities online at once.

Web, iPad & Mobile full compatible

Stay tuned always with the daily details of the school, stored in your favorite cloud file service.

Video Conferencing

Take Live Classes of your Students through Video Conferencing and Manage your Daily Classes Easily.
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Manage all your Online activities in one place

Mini SaĝoKomm is the Platform that caters Live Classes through Video Conferencing, Share Video Lectures, and Assignment to your Students. It simply helps School/Institutions/Pre-Schools to engage the Students Online to manage the Daily Classes.


>> Web Admin Panel to Create Students ID
>> Web Admin Panel to Share the Assignments to Students
>> Create Groups and Allot Students in the Groups
>> Share Assignments in PDF/Image Format.
>> Share Video Lectures (Embed With YouTube)
>> Run Live/Online Classes (Embed with Zoom Video Conferencing)
>> Run Live Classes itself in your Mobile App
>> Protect your Privacy by sharing the Contact Number to each other
>> Hassle Free Live Classes by without Sharing the Password & ID
>> Live Classes will start by simply tapping the Notifications Tab in the App
>> Safe, Secure and Reasonable Solutions to run Live Classes

SagoKomm Mini
SagoKomm Mini

Pricing: Starts from Rs.1500 Per Month Only.

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